lørdag 18. mai 2013

The list

Hvordan så du ut for et år siden? How did you look like one year ago?
One year ago I looked pretty much the same. The thing that probablly has changed the most is my style and that I have cut my hair!
Hvilket er ditt mest brukte ord denne uken?/ What is your most used word this week?
My most used word this week, ooo, I don't know! 
Probaly "math exam" and "birthday"
Har du en fobi? Do you have a phobia?
Yes I do have a phobia for spiders!! I scream and cry when I see them!
Hva er det beste du har spist hittil denne uka?/What is the best thing you've eaten this week?
The best thing I have eaten this week is not easy to say. I had a great dinner at my birth day and yesterday it was Norways National day, so I had a great dinner and dessert that day to.
But when I think of it, it must be the icecream that the icreamman gave me! Fororgazm to the max!
Hva er det fineste noen har sagt til deg i dag?/What is the prettiest thing someone has sed to you lately?
You're pretty!
Når kjente du deg sist riktig fornøyd med deg selv?/When did you last feel perfectly happy with yourself?
I don't remember. I feel happy with myself alot, but I have complexes with my body!
Hva kommer til å bli gøyest denne helgen?/What is coming to bee the funniest thing this weekend?
My birthday that was on the 15th and yesterday when it was the 17th of may!
Hvilken er din gladlåt for tiden?/What is your happy song at the moment?
I'm in love with get lucky at the momen, but who isn't!
Hva har du sysselsatt deg med når du har hatt dødtid denne uka?/What have you employed you with when you've had downtime this week?
Preparing for math Exam on Tuesday.
Har du gjort/kommer du gjøre noe i uka som du ikke har gjort før?/Have you done something or is comming to something this week that you haven't done before?
Nothing I think
Hva er du redd for?/What are you scared of?
Alot of stuff!
Hvem er den mest kjente personen du har sett i det siste?/Who is the most known person you've met lately?
I've seen Lana Del Ray and Justin Bieber!
Hva har vært mest forvirrende den siste tiden?/What have been the most confusing lately?
Alot, school, friends and me.
Har uka vært bra så langt?/How has your week been so far?
Yesterday and my b-day!

(pics coming)

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