tirsdag 30. april 2013

The monthly favorites

I absolutly love this outfit!

(aka quote)

Love her blog and her style and her hair and that she is such a tuff woman!

I litterly have been listening to this song 24/7!


Favorites by ceciliebn featuring chain jewelry
I want it all!

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I love this!

3 details of the month: The chain necklace ofc., the nails ofc. and the pink lips ofc!

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lørdag 27. april 2013

Saturday Insiration

Jeg er på begynnelsen av influensa nå for tiden noe som er utrolig kjipt!, derfor blir det ingen outfits bilder eller noe slikt siden jeg ikke føler meg fresh nok til å ta bilder eller gå med noe interessant. Her er ihvertfall noen bilder som skal gi inspirasjon og glede <3

I think I'm starting to get the flu something that sucks!, that is why I'm not taking outfit pictures or something like that because I don't feel fresh enough to take pictures and wear something interesting. Here is some pictures for inspiration and happines <3

torsdag 25. april 2013

Second Chance

Life is full of second chances and when you get them you better take it! Forgive and forget. I love this song from Peter, Bjorn and Jhon and if you have seen 2 broke girls it would just get even better!

tirsdag 23. april 2013

What pretty girls are made of

What pretty girls are made off

What pretty girls are made off by ceciliebn featuring asos

Jeg syntes at dette antrekket er både søtt og rocka på samme tid. Liker mixen utrolig godt og har lyst på alt. Trenger virkelig et chain smykke, hvit blazer og det skjørtet er jo bare så kult!

I think this outfit is both sweet and rockish at the same time. I like the mix alot and want everything. I really need a chain necklace, a white blazer and that skirt is just so damn cool!

Summer Inspo






Camille Rowe: Hello Sunshine - Elle France by Matt Jones, March 15th 2013





mandag 22. april 2013

New in: Boston

Dette er min nye topp fra GinaT. Liker den skikkelig godt, syntes den er sporty og kul. Jeg liker skikkelig godt stilen som er litt mer sporty nå for tiden, så den passer perfekt! Så den på ett av antrekkene til Angelica Blick og syntes det var råkult!

This is my new top from GinaT. I like it alot and I think it is sporty and cool. I'm really into the sporty style right now, so it fits perfect! I saw it on one of Angelica Blicks outfits and it was awesome!