tirsdag 8. juli 2014

Take me back, Hove!

I came back from the Hovefestival on friday and litterly slept for three days straight! Haha, what doesn't the festival life do to you? It was my first time at the festival and it was so much fun. It is at Hove in Arendal, were I am born. So it defintly feels like a second home. This year it was a great line up and every singel artist that I got to see was great. I stood on first row at John Newman and danced my ass of at Madeon!

The people and energy at festivals is just so great and everyone becomes this amazing person! I can't wait for next years festival! 

mandag 7. juli 2014

I'm ready for you New York!

I'm ready for you New York!

I'm ready for you New York! by ceciliebn featuring a brown purse

I am so ready for NY Fucking City in August! I have never been there before and I have heard that it is just like in the movies. To visit the city, all the tourist attractions and shop till I drop, is just a dream come true! It would be so fun to rock the city with this outfit!

Since I am going to live in the states for a year, I will try to make this a blog where you can read about my new life in the US. I'm so excited! It is so close, but still so far away!!

Topshop short shorts

Birkenstock shoes

Handcrafted jewelry

H M bead jewelry
$26 - hm.com

ALDO ring

Brixton flat cap hat
$93 - sds.com.au

Prada white cat eye glasses
$395 - net-a-porter.com