mandag 31. desember 2012

Happy New Year!

just wanted to drop by and say happy new year to all of my fantastic readers! Love you all guys, but one of your's new year's resolution should be Comment more on Cecilie's blog! Haha

See you in 2013!

søndag 30. desember 2012


My sister bought this for me when she was in Oslo. I've wanted a FWSS beanie for so long. I used the money that I got from my granparents for christmas.

What do you guys think?


All Denim

Jeans/Bikbok  T-shirt/Cubus  Shirt/Vintage  Necklase/Vintage Rings/Bikbok  Braclet/Gina Shoes/My sister's 

Yes, I am wearing my star- jeans again, but I love them! 

lørdag 29. desember 2012

Lost time

Hi! I haven't blogged these past few days becouse it's christmas time and my life has not been that interesting (and I dont have any pics) so this blogpost is about what I have done these past few days...

On christmas eve, I celebrated with my family. I wore the tradisional norwegian bunad. It was a great evening, even though I didn't have the holiday feeling at all (sad)!
 Two days before christmas eve!
On christmas eve!

On christmas day it was christmas dinner at my grandma and grandpa's house. We got our christmas stockings and later that day Thea picked me up and we saw the movie "life of Pi". That movie is so wonderful and fantastic and you should all see it!
(I don't have any pictures from this day)

On Wednesday, I did not do anything except trying to fix my Sims and then later play all day. Haha, addiction!

On Thursday, I also played Sims (as I mention earlier addiction) and later on the day we went skiing (cross country) in the moonlight. The snow looked like a thousand of diamonds, it is so pretty!

 Yup, no makeup on! Haha

Yup, it's my sister falling (the messed up person with a hint of red)

On the fourth day of christmas it was dinner at my aunt's house (yesterday). I don't have any pictures from that day. I was supposed to take a pic of my outfit, but it didn't happen.

I hope you all have had a great christmas so far, and now it's soon a new year! My ootd will come later


lørdag 22. desember 2012

All that glitter and all that snow

Sweater/H&M   Turtleneck/Mom's   Boyfriendjeans/Bikbok   Braclet/Gina   Shoes/My sister's

How are you sweeties! Everyday feels like a long night it starts getting dark at 3-4 pm. This is the outfit of the day and do you like my DIY nails? It takes a lot of mess making these, but it's definitly worth it.. all that glitter and all that gold! We're decorating the christmas tree later... and then it's only two and a half day until christmas eve!

Siver #2

Silver #2

fredag 21. desember 2012

Mens fashion

I love men that develops their one personal style! Too be haunest I don't know that many boys that dares to do that, but come on guys! We girls love that! Express yourself, like Labrinth's song. Btw he is a man with good style!

All pics borrowd from

torsdag 20. desember 2012


I thought you were cool

Black Magic

Green magic


#1 by ceciliebn featuring h&m dresses

clean by ceciliebn featuring a clean perfume

4 outfits I would love to wear during the winter and the last one is an beautiful party outfit! I fell asleep earlier, so I didn't blog until now. I finaly have vacation and I love it, too bad it's apocalypse tomorrow... 

tirsdag 18. desember 2012

Black with a hint of purple

                                         Skirt, necklace/Vintage   Sweater/H&M     Beanie/Bikbok  

Dere kan sikkert ikke se det lille snev av lilla i antrekket mitt... lol. I dag dro vi til kirken. Vi måtte gå frem og tilbake, og jeg kan love dere at veien er Glatt. Ellers hadde vi en ganske meningsløs dag. Jeg så på siste episode av GG istad, trist det er over! Vel, nå må jeg fikse min stygge negl og sikkert spise mer julekaker!

You guys probably don't see the little hint of purple in my outfit... lol. Today we went to church, beside that we had a pointless school day. We had to go back and forth and I promise you the way is full of ice... 
I watched the last episode of GG earlier, so sad it's over! Well, now I need to fix my ugly nail(s) and then probably eat some more christmas cookies. 

Have a great one sweeties <3

lørdag 15. desember 2012

Snow Land

Purse/Vintage  Jacket/Zara   Cardinga/public   Skarf/GinaT  Sweater/MMM   Pants/Zara  Beanie/Bikbok

I am back! I hope you've missed me. In less than a week the holliday begins and school is over for this year. It's going to be so good. All exams and important school work is finished. I am going to finish some posts and later today I'm probably going out. I have missed blogging and you guys need to be better at commenting! I have decided to make blogposts with words (feelings, long texts, etc.)