lørdag 27. oktober 2012

How to wear; Bulldog pants

Jeg har disse buksene, og som dere ser er de veldig mye. Derfor kan det lett bli vanskelig å vite hvordan man skal style disse. Fant disse to bildene, og likte hvordan de hadde gjort det! Kanskje du kan få litt inspirasjon til hvordan du kan bruke disse buksene hvis du har de!

I have this trousers myself, and as you see it's alot going on. That makes it kind of dificult to style them, so I found this two pics and they styled the bulldog trousers so good! If you have these yourself, maybe you know how to style these in a different way now! 

Pictures from:

lørdag 20. oktober 2012



Wishes by ceciliebn featuring a lip treatment

Noen ønsker for tiden! Jeg vil spesielt ha den sorte genseren med trykk på ermene!

Wishes at the moment! I especially want the black sweater with the printed arms!

onsdag 17. oktober 2012



#1 by ceciliebn featuring asos shoes

We are living our adventure

There is beauty in simplicity

There is beauty in simplicity by ceciliebn featuring skinny fit jeans

Some of my previous outfits made at polyvore.com 
When I make outfits there I get so much inspo, I defintly recomend it! 
BTW: Can you guys pleace be better to comment, I would love to get some feedback on my blog <3

fredag 12. oktober 2012

tirsdag 2. oktober 2012


My style now at the moment! I love it metalic, black and white! I'm now living by coco chanels rule Less is more!

mandag 1. oktober 2012