lørdag 12. januar 2013

Who am I?

I've realised that I haven't told you guys so much about me. Well, now I don't know that much about you either.

Were to start...

I am born in 1997 in Arendal a small town in shouthern (sørlandet) Norway. I had the Arendal dialect for a little while but it all went away in second grade.

Right now I live in Asker. An adorable town, but also realy boring. There isn't one place you can look without seeing an old person. Haha, lol. (Btw: Norway is too expensive). Off course I live here with my family. My mom, dad, sister and brother. My older sister lives here out and about if you knw what I mean. I also have a cat with the name Miss. She is a love sick cat!

I love fashion and have now realized that I suffer of the disease shoemania and I promise you it is bad.

I have many great friends and my class is absolut the best. Nobody is afraid of beeing them selves and I love that! Too bad we only have until the summer, before we split up and begin at new different schools.

I have many big dreams and plans for my future. I want to explore the world and once live a hectic life in New York Fucking City(!) and of course LA!

What I want too work with when I get older I don't know, but I either want to be a surgeon or an editor in a fashion magazine maybe even an editor in Chief one day.

Now that you know a little bit about me and my dreams I would love to learn a little bit about you too. If you have a blog please write it in a comment!

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