onsdag 9. januar 2013

Tattoo Top

Top/MMM   Velvet pants/H&M     Ring/Ginatricot     Watch/Mango times

I hate it when you buy a pair of jeans or pants in either your size or a size to big since they don't fit in the fitting room. And when you use the new pair of jeans or pants are they three sizes too big after two times of use! Ah, I hate that!!! And since I have big hips I always have to go a size bigger and that makes my thighs look so big and my legs so tiny! Well, I've noticed that that is how it is whit this pair of new pants and all of my jeans... Aren't there any jeans that actually fit in this world?! 

Ok, enough jeans complaining (yup I am pretty good at complaining about everything). I have homework, but I think I'll do it tomorrow. Before I would have done it right after school, but since I probably have become  the most laziest person in this house. 

Come on guys! Can you please start leaving a comment on my blog! It only takes a couple of seconds and I need respons on the work that I do. Is there any thing you want me to blog about, is there something you want me to blog more about, do you like what I write and blog about! No respons just leaves thousands of questions in my head!

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