lørdag 20. juli 2013

The Boyfriend Jeans Outfit

The Bf jeans

The Bf jeans by ceciliebn featuring a leather purse
Simple and classy. The bf jeans gives you the perfekct legs with high heels! Wearing it with a tucked in flannel shirt and a beanie is a good looking autumn outfit!

The bf jeans 2

The bf jeans 2 by ceciliebn featuring cell phone cases
Ok, how cute isn't that Iphone case!? The bf jeans looks so chill and comfy with a sweatshirt ( I need that red one) and a pair of balerinas.

The bf jeans 3

The bf jeans 3 by ceciliebn featuring a collared shirt
This bf jeans style gives me more of a summer feeling. With the crop top (that is on trend now) and the converse. To make it a bit more interesting I gave the look a chain necklase.

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