torsdag 7. mars 2013

How to style: New balance

New balance #1

New balance #1 by ceciliebn featuring zip bags
I love the new balance sneakers and I think they are so cool! I think they are so cool with plaid pants (wich I want) and a sweat . The peach/orange sunglasses just give the look a pop of color.

New Balance #2

New Balance #2 by ceciliebn featuring a fresh lip treatment
The new balance shoes is so cool with skirts. I like how the pinkish accessories makes the outfit a bit cute and the shirt gives me this skater type of wibe.

New Balance #3

New Balance #3 by ceciliebn featuring printed bags
I so want this outfit right noe! The silver and the pastels is so pretty! The outfit is both cute and a bit ruff. The  sunglasses, the shorts and the shoes makes the silver and the grey come out. The wallet brings out the light colors in the tank top.

Wich one is your favorite?

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