mandag 24. juni 2013

My summer plans

My summers are never fully planned out! There is always something spontaneous that happens! But I will tell you about what I have already planned out!









i love this photo

me too ahhh

me three 

me four

Love this

me five

Wish I was here :c


so carefree


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I so want to do this!

1. Well, now for the rest of June I'm staying home and I won't be doing that much other than working out, realx because I definitely need that and be with friends! Go out and have fun! The first thing I did this summer was VG- lista top 20 and it was so much fun with Jason Derulo, The Wanted and so many more artists! (The best thing is that it is a free consert!)

2. In the second week of July, my family and I are visiting my aunts family on their cabin in Risør, wich is in the south of Norway. It is so beautiful there and I was actually born in the south of Norway, even though I live in the east on the other side of Oslo! 

3. I am visiting my friend Kaja on her cabin in Sweden. Whe haven't planned out yet when I am coming, but it will be sometime in July! I can't wait because I know it will be so much fun and the laughter will never end!

4. I am leaving for Turkey the 2nd of August to the 14th. This will be the second time I am there, but this time we are going to Alanya and last time I was in Side. We are renting and apartment and I just can't wait to get to the hotter areas and leave rainy Norway!

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