lørdag 29. desember 2012

Lost time

Hi! I haven't blogged these past few days becouse it's christmas time and my life has not been that interesting (and I dont have any pics) so this blogpost is about what I have done these past few days...

On christmas eve, I celebrated with my family. I wore the tradisional norwegian bunad. It was a great evening, even though I didn't have the holiday feeling at all (sad)!
 Two days before christmas eve!
On christmas eve!

On christmas day it was christmas dinner at my grandma and grandpa's house. We got our christmas stockings and later that day Thea picked me up and we saw the movie "life of Pi". That movie is so wonderful and fantastic and you should all see it!
(I don't have any pictures from this day)

On Wednesday, I did not do anything except trying to fix my Sims and then later play all day. Haha, addiction!

On Thursday, I also played Sims (as I mention earlier addiction) and later on the day we went skiing (cross country) in the moonlight. The snow looked like a thousand of diamonds, it is so pretty!

 Yup, no makeup on! Haha

Yup, it's my sister falling (the messed up person with a hint of red)

On the fourth day of christmas it was dinner at my aunt's house (yesterday). I don't have any pictures from that day. I was supposed to take a pic of my outfit, but it didn't happen.

I hope you all have had a great christmas so far, and now it's soon a new year! My ootd will come later


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