fredag 18. oktober 2013

My Wants This Fall Cheap vs. Expensive


Here are some of my wants this fall (well I already have the faux leather pants). I thought it would be nice to show you a cheap vs. expensive. At the moment I am looking for a nice turtleneck knit and I really love this one from Ginatricot, not only does it look like one that I want, but it is also really cheap. 
I also have a coat from Boss hugo boss on my wish list. Who does not want the perfect coat in their closet? 

Vs. #2

I am always in the look out for a pair of boyfriend jeans and I think they are so cool. How good would it look with a pair of light denim boyfriend jeans, the turtleneck and the camel coat woth a pair of high heel or cutout boots?!

It is the party season and a sequin jacket is needed, the same with the knee high boots. The ones from Zara (which are a bit pricey) are so nice and will look stunnig to almost everything!

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